Engine Visualization

In the era of computer replacing the books, innovative technologies like augmented reality make way for the fun, seductive and exciting way of education. Engine Visualization is an AR application that offers users a way to visualize an engine in the real world along with its functions. The user will be able to view the engine in detail from all sides, and also figure out the features of different tunings

Engine Visualization AR is compatible with ARCore Supported devices. Please check the below link to find out if your device is ARcore compatible. https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices.
Sharing information with augmented reality is fun and exciting. The user has to point the camera on to a flat surface through the application. The detection of enough feature points steers the engine to life.
This showcase application enables the users to visualize the engine in the real world on the go, regardless of their location. The options to scale, position and rotate make it more interactive and easier to view the inner parts and how they function. The easily accessible UI enhances the user friendliness of the application

  • Interior View
  • Interior View
  • Interior View
  • Interior View
  • Interior View
  • Interior View
  • Engine Process Animations
  • User Intereactions
  • Engine Interior View
  • Augmented reality

The scale, position and rotation features make this application more interactive.

The User at any point can zoom in/out, rotate or position the engine to have a detailed study of it

The real-life animation of the engine helps the user understand the functionalities saving the user from frequent visits to the mechanic shop or an automobile exhibition

The X-ray view allows the user to have a detailed view of the interior parts of the engine and their functionality

The 3D model of the engine is very similar to the real-life engine which helps the user easily relate to the real-life engine and its function

Engine Visualization is totally free to play and no ads are supported for now
Upcoming Features:
-Non-AR support
-More Interactions
-Parts Description
-Audio Integration


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