Arch Viz

Interactive Architecture is a VR application where the user can walk around the apartment. A user can visualize the home appliances and interact with 3D models
Convey your vision with superior clarity and gain the trust of clients. Make quick decisions with confidence by experiencing a true to scale space.

Virtual Reality home tour allows to virtually visit properties at any time with no restriction on duration of visit. This establishes a way of building rapport with prospective clients and provokes the viewer to become an owner of the building.

  • Wash room image
  • Wash room image
  • Hall
  • Bed room
  • Dining room
  • Dining room
  • Bed room image
  • Living Room Image
  • Living Room Image
  • Dining room image
  • Game Development Rendering
  • Hall Image

With Just a click of a button choose desired color and texture for the walls and floor

Furniture are interactive, can be positioned and scaled to visualize how will they look in a real room

You don’t have to wait for a year to have a sight of the snow fall through your window. You can choose the weather and experience it right away

The brightness and illumination of various areas in the building is one of the key areas of concern. You need to have at least a slight hint of the appearance of the house during the sunset. Now it’s possible to see your dream house in VR at any time of the day by mocking the various positions of the sunlight and plan the lighting arrangements accordingly

Architecture visualization with realistic lighting system provides more immersion for the virtual reality simulation


Virtual Reality gives architects an opportunity to visualize things which are not actually there, and thus, they can easily see how their room, house, or building would look after project completion

The design of a virtual reality experience is pretty quick at a cost lesser by a fraction in comparison to the typical designing process. In addition, the VR experience in a physical showroom allows potential customers to tour multiple business locations, buildings, and layouts, all from the same physical store.

The start-up costs are relatively low when compared to building a demo house for the clients

2D floor plans can be difficult for some to visualize how all the spaces will fit together. Even 3D designs can present challenges in understanding the space. Virtual reality has much more to it than interactivity. The VR technology helps the wearer fully in understanding the space and imparts a more accurate representation of the functionality of the product in real life.


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